Wigs for Women Over 50 Does Meg Ryan Have the Cutest Hair Ever?

Does Meg Ryan Have the Cutest Hair Ever?

Meg Ryan has always been known more for her hair then her own personal makeup and fashion choices. It's a look that sent everyone to the hairdresser in the 90's with a picture of her in tow. Her haircut now is posed to do the same thing even though she is 52 in 2014.

Meg Ryan has really returned to her roots. She's gone back to a shorter shag. The color has changed slightly, there are fewer brassy tones than there used to be. She's also changed the texture of it. It is not usually really curly or beachy instead of the look that made her famous.

In previous years Meg has actually gone with longer hair as she's aged. She's usually stayed true to the shag style even when it was down to her shoulders or past her shoulders. She's also usually kept a small side bang or had layers framing her face. She also seems to part her hair in the middle a lot.

Meg’s style is fun and flirty. It's a lot easier to care for than the longer hair that other celebrities in her age range are sporting. She knows her signature look and seems to have gone back to a modified version.