Wigs for Women Over 50 Is Courtney Cox's Hairstyle Right For You?

Is Courtney Cox's Hairstyle Right For You?

Even though Cortney Cox is 50 in 2014 you probably still envy her style. She is one of the few celebrities who seems to have made (slightly) more practical hair choices as she's aged. She's also a star who has tried out a lot of different lengths and has settled in the medium to long range.

Courtney changed up her look after Friends ended by going with extremely long hair. In magazine ads she seems to favor a very full curl that may be difficult to achieve by yourself. Then she settled on hair past her shoulders. She is proof that you can still have long hair as you age but it may be a lot easier to lose just a little bit of the length.

Her red carpet looks are a lot easier to copy. It is usually just hair that's parted in the middle and pulled back with a side bang or a shorter layer. You could master this for your everyday style. She's also been wearing her hair just down and unkempt even on the red carpet, but the rest of her look is so polished it just makes her a little bit more personable and fashionable.

Courtney has stayed with her darker signature color and it's an easy style to copy if your don’t want to mess with a lot of warmer tones or highlights.